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Research Projects

Multiscale Segmentation, Description, Registration, and Rendering

Much of my past work has focused on multiscale (scale space) techniques for segmenting objects in images, describing those objects in ways that provide both general and specific properties, registering images, and rendering objects and/or images at multiple scales. For related work, please see the MIDAG web pages at UNC.


This work has been supported in part by funding from The Utah State Centers of Excellence Program (while at BYU) and the National Institutes of Health (while at UNC).


  • Bruce Hansen


  • Steven Pizer
  • Christina Burbeck
  • James Coggins
  • Jonathan Marshall
  • Daniel Fritsch
  • David Eberly
  • Alan Liu
  • Derek Puff

Publications and Theses

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B. Morse and B. Hansen. Scale trace correlation. In International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology (CISST), 1998.

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B. S. Morse, S. M. Pizer, D. T. Puff, and C. Gu. Zoom-invariant vision of figural shape: Effects on cores of image disturbances. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 69(1):72-86, January 1998.

C. A. Burbeck, S. M. Pizer, B. S. Morse, D. Ariely, G. S. Zauberman, and J. Rolland. Linking object boundaries at scale: A common mechanism for size and shape judgements. Vision Research, 36(3):361-372, 1996.

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B. S. Morse, S. M. Pizer, and C. A. Burbeck. General shape and specific detail: Context-dependent use of scale in determining visual form. In C. Arcelli, L. Cordella, and G. S. di Baja, editors, Aspects of Visual Form Processing, pages 374-383. World Scientific, 1994.

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D. Fritsch, S. Pizer, B. Morse, D. Eberly, and A. Liu. The multiscale medial axis and its applications in image registration. Pattern Recognition Letters, 15:445-452, 1994.

S. Pizer, C. Burbeck, D. Fritsch, B. Morse, A. Liu, S. Murthy, and D. Puff. Human perception and computer image analysis of ob jects in images. In Proceedings of the Conference of Australian Pattern Recognition Society (DICTA), 1993.

S. M. Pizer, D. S. Fritsch, B. S. Morse, D. H. Eberly, and A. Liu. Multiscale medial axis approaches for object definition and registration in medical images. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Volume Image Processing (VIP’93), pages 1–4. Dept. of Radiology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Stichting Computer Vision Research SCVR, 1993.

Research Projects

Reading Groups

  • None at the moment

Current Students

  • Jessica Greenland (M.S.)
  • David Hart (M.S.)
  • Patrick Hammond (M.S.)
  • Michael Whitney (M.S.)
  • Brian Davis (Ph.D)

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