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Research Projects

Interactive Editing, Repair, and Selection for Images and Video

In collaboration with Adobe Systems and as parts of various other projects have studied algorithms for efficient interaction with images and video. These include methods for selecting objects, editing the images, and repairing defects.


This work has been funded in part Adobe Systems.


  • Brian Price
  • Teryl Arnold
  • Tom Howard


  • Scott Cohen
  • William Barrett
  • Parris Egbert
  • Eric Mortensen

Publications and Theses

B. Price, B. Morse, and S. Cohen. LIVEcut: Learning-based interactive video segmentation by evaluation of multiple propagated cues. In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), October 2009.

T. Arnold and B. S. Morse. Interactive image repair with assisted structure and texture completion. In WACV ’07: Proceedings of the Eighth IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision. IEEE Computer Society, February 2007.

T. C. Howard and B. S. Morse. Interactive level-set smoothing for photo editing. In IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pages 1057-1060, September 2003. (This work was also presented as a technical sketch at SIGGRAPH 2002.)

B. Morse, J. Wilkes, and P. Egbert. Hough transform assisted rectangle extraction. In Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIP), 1999.

E. Sokolowsky, C. Songer, B. Morse, and P. Egbert. User-assisted localized line segment extraction using the Hough transform. In Proceedings International Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing (CVPRIP’98), Joint Conference on Information Sciences, 1998.

E. N. Mortensen, B. S. Morse, W. A. Barrett, and J. K. Udupa. Adaptive boundary detection using ’live-wire’ two-dimensional dynamic programming. In IEEE Proceedings of Computers in Cardiology, pages 635-638, October 1992.

Research Projects

Reading Groups

  • None at the moment

Current Students

  • Jessica Greenland (M.S.)
  • David Hart (M.S.)
  • Patrick Hammond (M.S.)
  • Michael Whitney (M.S.)
  • Brian Davis (Ph.D)

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