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Brigham Young University
CS Department Department of Computer Science

Contact Information

Mailing Address   Department of Computer Science
Brigham Young University
3361 TMCB
Provo, UT 84602
Campus Office   3320 TMCB
Office Phone   (801) 422-8146
Fax   (801) 422-0169
Instant Messaging   Apple:
Twitter   @bryanmorse

Here is my information as a vcard.

If you're having trouble contacting me or want to see when I might be available, try checking my routine schedule and my travel schedule.

In case of emergency, please call my office phone and press "0" to forward to my cell phone.

Current Students

  • Jessica Greenland (M.S.)
  • David Hart (M.S.)
  • Patrick Hammond (M.S.)
  • Michael Whitney (M.S.)
  • Brian Davis (Ph.D)

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