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CS Department Department of Computer Science

Classes and Teaching Schedule

"How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it." Alexandre Dumas


CS 330 - Concepts of Programming Languages
Winter 2018
Fall 2018
CS 355 - Introduction to Media Programming
Fall 2017
Fall 2018
CS 401R - Capstone in Image Processing / Computer Vision Winter 2017 --
CS 450 - Introduction to Digital Signal and Image Processing
Fall 2016
CS 601R - Computational Photography Winter 2018 Winter 2019
CS 650 - Computer Vision I
Fall 2016
CS 750 - Computer Vision II
Winter 2015
Rel A 122 - Book of Mormon 2
Winter 2013

Note on semester naming: for students and colleagues at other universities, BYU's semesters are Fall  (September - December) and Winter  (January - April), with Spring (April-June) and Summer (June-August) half-semester, double-paced terms. Many other places refer to our "Winter" semester as "Spring", but March here in the Rocky Mountains is still more winter than spring.



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